Course Objectives:

  • To explain the theoretical background of phased array applications
  • To correctly select probe/wedge to examine welded butt joints
  • To calibrate and set up the phased array ultrasonic equipment
  • To locate and evaluate flaws in the weld body, HAZ, and parent metal LAMINATION
  • To analyse scan data for location and size of defects in typical welded butt joints
  • To accurately report weld condition
  • To differentiate defects from geometric features
  • To compile a written instruction
  • To meet the ASNT syllabus requirements

Time of flight diffraction training from the ESL NDT Training Center – trains, examines and certifies your personnel to perform time of flight diffraction in compliance with the relevant standards.

As a valuable ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) method, time of flight diffraction is essential for the detection of flaws. As a result, personnel must be trained and qualified to use and interpret time of flight diffraction accurately. The ESL offers world -class time of flight diffraction training, enabling your personnel to carry out tests to European, international and American standards.


Center can:

  • Ensure that your personnel are qualified and certified to perform time of flight diffraction to the relevant standards and specifications
  • Provide time of flight diffraction training and examinations for the Personnel Certification in Non-Destructive Testing system to meet the requirements of international standards such as ASNT Provide preparatory training for American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT) level three examinations
  • Conduct SNT-TC-1A training, examinations and certification in accordance with your company’s written practice
  • Tailor make courses to meet your company’s specific needs