Ganapathy Balasubramanian (API & SCM Trainer)
  • Mechanical engineer , Expert in storage tanks assessments, Trainer, Mentor, Coach, Change agent, course designer & learning development guide.
  • Graduate Mechanical Engineer from VNIT, Nagpur.
  • Passionate for assessment of in service storage tanks & imparting training, sharing knowledge & develop skills for technical & managerial excellence.
  • 29 years experienced in Oil & Gas industry with leading Indian Oil Co ( HPCL).
  • Certification in Supply chain Management (2008)
  • American welding society certified in welding inspection AWS-CWI (Valid May 2016)
  • American Petroleum Institute certified in Storage tanks (API 653)
  • American Petroleum Institute certified in Risk Based Inspection (API 580)
  • American Petroleum Institute certified in TES
  • TQMI certified lead auditor.
  • Under went Leadership training conducted by GE at HPMDI, Pune.
  • Creativity & problem solving trained at HPMDI ,Pune.
  • Advanced manufacturing module in JD Edwards Enterprise one 9.0, from – Klee associates, USA( JDE tips )
Samy (Metallurgy , Mechanical, Soft Skill Trainer)

Engineering/FB Activities: Fuel Firing System:

Preparation of design documents like bill of materials, material forecast,

Sub- delivery components, details of part drawings / assembly drawings, layout drawings,

Erection drawings, erection sequence of high pressure utility and industrial boilers, waste

Heat recovery, chemical recovery boilers, stoker fired boilers, lignite fired boilers and fuel


Field Engineering activities (FES): Inspection of Industrial& Utility Boiler:

  • Engineering co-ordination between the Customer and Unit. All type of boiler erection, commissioning, trouble Shooting and solving of engineering oriented siteProblems.
  • Field-testing and performance evaluation, performance guarantee test, Residual life estimation / assessment of on-going units,
  • Renovation and Modernisation of boilers.Conducting Condition assessment &Remaining Life Assessment study more than hundred numbers of Utility and Industrial boilers.Technical offer (specifications) and report preparation of all types of boilers.
  • Project follow up old and new, erection, commissioning, shutdown inspection, forced shut due to trouble shooting of all types of utility and Industrial boilers.
  • Conversion of all Old boilers to FBC firing,Stoker fired boilers, pulverised coal fired boilers, chemical recovery boilers and oil fired boilers, Gas firing, Naphtha firing, fertiliser boiler and fluidised bed combustion & CFC system etc.
  • Having Knowledge and familiarised in 30MW to 660 MW Utility and 10TPH TO 375 TPH Industrial & Auxiliary boilers Gas, Oil, Coal and multiple Fuel Firing system and Recovery (Paper Mills) Boiler, Stoker, FBC & CFBC Boilers.

Specialization in Master Degree & Major Activities in FES:

  • Project Report on Life Assessment / Life estimation/ Extension study of boiler in power plant.
  • Metallographic Techniques and Replication / micro structure analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys
  • Non-destructive &Destructive techniques.
  • Failure analysis of all types of boiler components like thickwall & thinwall failed, service oriented failures investigations, recommendations, causes, remedial measures and report preparation and submission to customers.
  • The majorresponsibilities in Life Assessment (RLA) visual inspection, Dimensional / thickness measurements, NDT inspection, testing of samples identified,Fibre optic/Video scope internal inspection (ligament cracks) Laboratory analysis for failed and site collection.
  • Metallography evaluations as per the specification of components and recommendation & reports preparation.

Refinery, Petrochemicals, Industrial (Paper mills Recovery Boiler, Co-Generation Plant (Sugar Plant) and Utility /Thermal Power Plant Responsibilities and Experiences:

  • High & Low Temperature Corrosion, erosion and service failures of boiler components in Oil, Gas and coal firing Utility & Industrial boilers:


  • Analysedvarious types of corrosion likeatmospheric, seawater corrosion, low temperature corrosion, high temperature corrosion, Cold end & Hot end corrosion, pitting corrosion, stress corrosion, inter granular corrosion (IGC), galvanic corrosion, hydrogendamage, fatigue, fracture in various types, creep, weld joints failures (IPW) and chemical compositions analysis, welding repair procedure (WPS) and welding consumable procedure etc.
  • During Oil and Gas firing in boilers oil and Gas firing guns inspection, Alignment, trouble shootings carried out during commissioning of new units and old unit.
  • Below Indicated the refinery processes equipments and boilers start up and shut down activities carried out and problems solved, like FACT Cochin, IOCL MFL, IPCL, MRL, ZAI Goa, MRPL, Mangalore Refinery (Recently erected and commissioned and stabilised the Units), CRL, Cochin Refinery, HPVL, Mumbai, IL, Reliance Industries Ltd., and Jamnagar.
  • EEA- Egypt- ALARISH Auxiliary boiler, ECT, Libya Tripoli west Aux. 2X45tph, Oil fired utility boilers, Bharat Oman Refinery Ltd., water wall Tube failure analysis, Life Assessment and Pressure Parts inspection carried out.
  • Design of Fuel Firing System Equipments and site supports, erection, commissioning and Trouble shooting of refinery processes boilers more than fifty numbers and capacity is min. 8.6TPH to Max. 275TPH all the above activities carried out during my service and having the knowledge.
  • In boiler components of water wall, economiser, superheaterfailures identified during annual shutdown inspection analysed and resolved. Especially in boiler major components ofproblems assessed during shut inspection and analysed recommendation furnished to customers. The main components are Headers, Drums (Steam drum & Mud/Water drum), super heaters (Low temperature, High temperature)&Re heaters, Economiser tubes, condenser Tubes and De aeratorscorrosion etc.
  • Corrosion in water wall & Economiser tube deposit analysisof pitting corrosion, (like copper quantity, Fe deposit magnetite coating and depends upon the water chemistry PH values in corrosion etc.) recommendations etc.
  • Boiler drums shell, steam separating chamber & drum internals corrosion deposit analysis pitting corrosion, (like copper quantity, Iron oxide deposit/ magnetite coating and depends upon the water chemistry PH values in corrosion etc.) recommendations and solutions furnished to customer.
  • Boiler feed water corrosion / chemical dosing due to steam carryover and deposit quantity in the boiler roof tubes corrosion failures analysis and recommendationsfurnished to customer.
  • Corrosion due to Oil deposition and low temperatureoil firing problems, water wall failures analysis and recommendations furnished to customer.

Renovation and Modernisation Activities (Conversion Jobs):

  • Conversion of old stoker fired boilers, pulverised coal fired boilers, chemical recovery boilers and oil fired boilers to fluidised bed combustion system.
  • Technical contract offer preparation. Preparation of Bill of Materials and Estimation etc.

Remaining Life Assessment study &Renovation and Modernisation of boiler:

  • Conducted Remaining Life Assessment study (RLA study) and Condition Assessment study(CA study) of boilers more than hundred numbers India and Abroad.
  • Renovation and Modernization of utility boilers 100 to 110 MW and 100 to 120 MW R&M uprating, inspection and Troubleshooting carried out in MAGECO, AP and TNEB, TN.
  • RLA and R&M Technical offer (specifications) scope of work preparation.
  • RLA study, R&M Reports, Boiler Inspection Reports (like Pressure parts, Non Pressure reports, Oil system, Oil Firing Equipments) Technical report for customer, O&M of all types of boiler.

Customer Training Programme Lecture classes and Co Ordination:

  • Classes were handled in HRDC and various Power stations (like NTPC, KPCL, GSECL, TNEB, FACT and BHEL Power sectors) for Trouble shootings, Failure problems, erection, commissioning of boiler equipment’s, condition assessment and Life Assessment of boiler components.
  • In HRDC ETs, Gradate Apprentice, Technical Apprentices and Act apprentice classes for various topics like Engg. Drgs./Technical Drgs., POWER Plant PPTs etc.
  • HRDC Development programmes for various levels.
  • Boiler corrosion problems general, site feedback, Laboratory analysis and operational problems and case study were presented to customer Engineers.

Special assignment in Abroad during in service / Projects:

In Egypt AL ARISH TPS 2x30MW, Oil fired, front wall firing, Bi drum, Bottom supported boilers, water

wall “D” panels & floor tubes frequent corrosion failures reported by customer. I visited and the boiler

inspection was carried out and investigated, collected details,samples and deposits. Then based on the

details and analysis of deposit, visual inspection, tubes samples, macrostructural analysis and boiler

operating parameters,causes and recommendations submitted to customer through our BHEL overseas


Special Courses & Seminars attended:

  • Heat treatment of ferrous materials.
  • NDT techniques and Tube making.
  • Foundry Technology.
  • Quality circle Formation and Case study analysis – presentation.

Special Mention:

  • Having the knowledge of modern manufacturing process, welding and metal forming method
  • Material preparation, product design and development (High Alumina and High strength application for thermal, process industries and Electrical appliances) Process planning (Wet and Dry process etc.)
  • Preparation, testing and inspection of refractoriness for metallurgical process Industries, Thermal Chemical process Industries. Tiruchirappalli-14.


  • National conference n enhancement of plant availability by Life Assessment and Condition monitoring- (LACOM-2007) in CEMERI, Durgapr Dec. 2007.
  • Residual Life Assessment & Extension of Aging Structures. International Seminar on fatigue, Fracture and Durability).at TATA Institute, Bangalore.
  • National Seminar –NDE 2009 (ISNT Tirchirappalli Chapter)at NIT, Tirchirappalli.
  • Advanced Technical Educationcentre- Long term Technical programme on “Utility Boilers(Fossil Boilers) at BHEL, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Seminar on NDE (NDE 2002) Chennai.
  • 22nd planning & Organising programme BHEL, Noida, Delhi,Aug-2011.

Paper Presentation:

National conference on Enhancement of Plant availability BY Life Assessment and condition monitoring at CEMERI- Durgapur, Dec.-2007.

Special Assessment carried out during service and after retirement on request of customer:

  • NTPC / STPS 3×500 MW & 1×500 MW boilers pressure Parts Inspection, Remaining Life Assessment Study ,Slagging and combustion optimisation of Boilers.
  • Jindal STPS, Raighar 4 x250MW, Unit – 2 boiler pressure Parts (Second Pass) erosion problems, causes, remedial measures, assessments carried out and furnished recommendations.
  • M/s Adani STPS, Tiorda 3×660 MW Unit – 2. (Supply, Erection & Commissioning done by M/s Shanghai Heavy Industries, China) boiler pressure Parts erosion problems, Ash accumulations in second pass, Furnace Bottom hopper damage problems, causes, inspection and remedial measures carried out and furnished recommendations & resolved.(Supplied by China M/s Shanghai Heavy Industries)
  • Singapore Project: M/s TEM BSN Customer TPU Stage – I, 850 TPH, 110 MW, Stage-II, 2A 1500 TPH, 133 MW boilers (Utility and CFBC) commissioned on Stage-I Feb. 2010, Stage-II, as per the scope implementation Technical review of Project management for EPC contract reviewed and reports submitted. All acceptance certificates, test certificates and all the documents reviewed and report submitted. Final inspection and reviewed and acceptance certificates received. Review done boiler components like steam drum, Critical piping and burners and so on.
Sakthivel (Metallurgy , Mechanical, Soft Skill Trainer)

Training Experience

Have 44 years of proficient experience of which accounts for 30 years in High Pressure Valves and Power Boiler Manufacturing Industry(BHEL) as Quality Assurance Executive and around 14 years in academic institutions as a Professor ,Senior Faculty and Consultant.

Educational Qualification

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering , Associate Membership Examination in 1978 (Equivalent to BE Metallurgy) ,Master of Marketing Management through Alagappa University.

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration Annamalai University, .Master of Philosophy in Management (M.Phil) through Alagappa University,.Ph.D in Metallurgical Engineering by International University of Contemporary Studies ,USA (2008),.Ph.D in Management by Vinayaka Missions University .


NDT – Level II in PT & MT (ISNT), MAC , Singapore Trainer Certification ,Total Quality Management Certification ,Knowledge of ISO9001,Six Sigma Black Belt Certification , Organisational behaviour ,Lean Consulting Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, Kaizen Certification Mechanical Engineering Management Skills , Corporate Strategy , Time Management Mechanical IQ Business Strategy Operations Management


I have been associated with several breakthrough activities like productivity improvement , Quality Improvement, Quality circle implementation, research activities and improvement in material processing and testing methods. (Ref: the BHEL High power committee certification)


Conducting value added programmes like Codes and Standards(ASME, ANSI, API & IBR , Welding metallurgy, Testing Certification of welders ,Manufacturing and Leak testing of valves , Piping technology, Stress Calculation , Material selection & Applications ,Lean Management ,TQM &TPM, Kaizen ,Personality Development, Six-Sigma, Quality and Productivity , Piping Technology, Stress Analysis , Material Selection/ Material Science for High Pressure Valves , Boilers, Heat Exchangers Applications, and extended consultancy support, Design of Experiment, SPSS , Problem Solving , Statistical Process Control techniques, ISO 9001 & ISO 14000 Consultation ..

Special Achievements

  • Study to eradicate the perennial problem of Non- Return Valve Leak (31 metres Feed Valve ) at Tuticorin Power Station .
  • Investigation to RIL. Hazira Heat Exchanger Tube Leak Problems at Site Conditions has been resolved from initial to the final stage.
  • Development of Leak Testing Procedures / Modification of Leak Testing facilities to improve productivity
  • As a Quality core member ,first time in India , Indigenous Development of Test , to demonstrate constant “C” as per Appendix-L of Indian Boiler Regulation at Tutikorin Power Plant as a Quality core member
  • Dresser Hancock valve seat leak study conducted and successfully resolved by establishing improving the seat finish and hard facing techniques.
  • High Pressure Welders Qualification Test Method Simplification through Data Base Management / Procedure Computerization
  • Effective Inventory control introduced .
  • Task force leader for Indigenous the Manufacturing of F 91 Dished End for TATA Power Station at Bombay with the imported bloom during a critical situation
  • Established a procedure to calibrate Indigenously for an imported 1566 Hydro set for setting the very high pressure steam test safety valves.
  • Streamlining of Vendor Supply in line with BHEL as a part of Partnership Development
  • Study undertaken to Salvage a high pressure Safety Valves for alternative application through proper testing and setting .
  • Study on Leak Test bench rework reduction of Hancock Valve, DIN Valves and Safety Valves to enhance Quality & Productivity and ensure timely delivery.
  • Study the exact material requirement for the spindle components and optimize the cutting plan / removal of centre Drilling to save material
  • Elimination of Distortion of Disk AISI 410 Material During Hard Surfacing with Stellite .
  • Study to eradicate thread mismatch of valve components at Assembly posing resulting heavy seat leak rework due to lead Pitch Error produced in German SV 18R Machine..
  • Safety valve were identified for an immediate requirement by conducting suitable test
  • Cost Reduction Through Material Substitution on Valves
  • “Experimental investigation on adaptability of X 20 Cr Mo V 121 in Nitriding process for wear resistance applications” .

Special Soft Skills Programmes

Also several skills development programmes Time Management , Stress Management , Pre Retirement Counselling, Talent Management, Group Discussions , Group Dynamics Academic enhancement Circles and need based tailer made programmes for Industries / Academic Institutions ,Intra and Interpersonal Skills / Personality Development, Problem Solving Techniques and Competency Mapping/Productivity & Quality ,Knowledge Management / Planning and Time Management /Managerial Skills /Art of Managing ,Stress Management / Emotional Intelligence / Team Dynamics/Accountability ,Employee Empowerment and Loyalty Building / Owning the Responsibility, Mock-up interview / Group Discussions ,Critical and Creative Thinking /Team Building / Quality Circles / Team Ethics, Effective Communication ,Magic of Leadership / Leadership Development, Life in Corporate World , Creating Self Motivated Teams /Confidence Building, Customer Satisfaction / Customer Loyalty Building, Pre-Retirement Counselling (BHEL/ TNEB) ,Organisation Safety etc., Research Support / Basic & Advance Statistics / Hypothesis Testing /Usage of SPSS , Excel Tools


Easy and Participative way of learning with examples –Interactive , sharing experiences one to one / Group discussions and Role play -Facilitate the participants to contribute-Exposure to problems Analysis and creating inference to solve problems – Chalk & Talk- LCD Presentation , Evaluation through Questionnaire .

Consultations and Programs Conducted


BHEL Tiruchirpalli,. TNEB / HR Division , Trichy and Tanjore , Tamilnadu Minerals (TAMIN) , HR Division , Trichy (Middle Level and Mine Operators ),PWD / HR Division, Trichy (Middle Management)

Cethar Food Oils , Tiruchirappalli ( Top and Middle Management Executives),Whirlpool , Pondicherry (Middle Level and Working Cadre Employees),UAE Exchange / South Zone (Middle and Induction Level Employees)

EID Parry , Pettavaithalai (Middle Level Executives for Lead Farmers ),Sanmar Foundraies ,Trichy (School of Quality Management ) Middle Level and Induction Level, Rane , Trichy (School of Quality Management ) Middle Level and Induction Level,Several Ancillary Industries to BHEL ,Trichy (All Category),Corporate Programmes organised by Productivity Council, Salem,Corporate Programme organised by School of Quality Management, Trichy,Corporate Programme organised by Hallmark B-School , Trichy, SQUAM Trichy ,SRF Viralimalai ,SKILLKRAFT,Trichy, Metrics Puna , Ancillary Industries , Trichy


MAM , MAMCET Trichy, Gananam B-School Tanjore, Hallmark B-School, PABSET Trichy, MIET Trichy, MAR Trichy, RVS Salem, ICFAI Trichy and Karur, JJ Engineering College Trichy, PSNA CET –Dindigal ,Guringi Engineering College, Venketeshwara College of Engineering Thiruchankodu, Sudharsan Polytechnic College Sathyamangalam, Indira Ganesan Engineering College ,Trichy,IIW , IIM,ISNT Trichy Chapter, Fuel Users Association, Chennai,Aiman College of Arts and Science for Women , Trichy, etc

Specialized Training & Courses attended:


Quality Management System (ASME/ANSI) : M/s. Dresser Industries inc. Alxzendria , USA.

National :

Statistical Quality Control : Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Corporate Division Delhi.

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence HRDI, BHEL, New Delhi

Executives Course of the 4 – Tier Programme for Quality Management Development ,BHEL Quality through Design of Experiment . Organised at BHEL by ISI, Chennai.

ISO 9001- Internal Auditor Training : Indian Statistical Institute Chennai.-1992

ISO 14000 EMS Task Force Training Core Group Member-1996

CII_EXIM award Task Force Member- 1998

Welding Refresher Course Conducted by Indian Institute of Welding , Tiruchirappalli Chapter

MT-PT Level-ii Certificate Course Conducted by ISNT Tiruchirappalli

MAC Trainer Certification programme conducted by MAC Singapore at Trichy

Sankara Naraayanan

Skills & Experience:

20+ Years of experience in Design, Construction, Procurement, Quality, Pre-commissioning, Commissioning & Training experience in Offshore Oil & Gas (4 Years), Onshore Oil & Gas (16+ Years) includes Petrochemical Projects, Cross-Country Pipe Line & Process Plants. In Sadara worked as a Quality Leader for E & I Group for 50 E & I Senior Inspection Engineers & represented as discipline Panel representative in Interview for Sadara E & I team Selection


  • Proposals
  • Design Review
  • Procurement
  • Pre-Commissioning
  • Training
  • Construction
  • Audit
  • Quality
  • Commissioning

Presentation/Training/Technical Representations/Lessons Learned /Focused Assessment Given on Following Topics to Colleagues,Subordinates :

  • Flow Instrumentation,
  • Level Instrumentation,
  • Cable tray,
  • Cathodic Protection,
  • Cablebus Presentation,
  • Offshore E & I Quality,
  • Confined Space,
  • Near Miss Reporting,
  • Offshore Safety & Electrical Safety
  • Shared Lessons Learned & Focused Assesments on various topics every month on E & I Jobs
  • Has been nominated for Khursaniyah Gas Plant Thermowell Failure and recommendation review team member and written a technical report which was published in the Inspection Department Level Program Update
  • Projects Experienced in Procurement & Quality :
  • Quality: Sadara, Abu-Ali GOSP Saudi Arabia, Khursaniyah Gas Saudi Arabia, Khursaniyah Oil Saudi Arabia, Diesel Hydro Treater Complex Saudi Arabia, Saudi Pipe Line Projects, ONGC 9 Well Head India, ONGC HRC India, Nuclear Power Project Kaiga India,ONGC PPM India, ONGC CRMP II India, IOCL Baruni, GSPL India.
  • Procurement: IOCL Gujarat India, IOCL Haldia India & BPCL Mahul.
  • Experience in Design Reviews: Saudi Aramco Clean Fuel, Saudi Arabia Diesel Hydro Treater Complex Saudi Arabia, Saudi Pipe Line Projects, GSPL Pipeline India and Kandla Port Trust India.
  • Projects Experienced in Construction : Abu-Ali GOSP Saudi Arabia, Khursaniyah Gas Saudi Arabia, Khursaniyah Oil Saudi Arabia, Diesel Hydro Treater Complex Saudi Arabia, Saudi Pipe Line Projects, ONGC 9 Well Head India, ONGC HRC India, Nuclear Power Project Kaiga India, ONGC PPM India, ONGC CRMP II India, IOCL Baruni, GSPL India, ABS Plastics Limited India, Rajashree Polyfils Limited India,Tributone (MTZ Limited) India, Reliance Industries India.
  • Projects Experienced in Precommissioning /Commissioning
  • Abu-Ali GOSP Saudi Arabia, Khursaniyah Gas Saudi Arabia, Khursaniyah Oil Saudi Arabia, Diesel Hydro Treater Complex Saudi Arabia, ONGC 9 Well Head India, ONGC HRC India, Nuclear Power Project Kaiga India,ONGC PPM India, ONGC CRMP II India, IOCL Baruni, GSPL India, ABS Plastics Limited India, Rajashree Polyfils Limited India, Tributone(MTZ Limited) India, Reliance Industries India.
  • Maintenance Experience:

Location: KNPC Refinery Kuwait

List of Instrumentation Items & Electrical Equipment’s Handled:

  • Instrumentation Systems/Instruments Handled :
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) & Site Acceptance Test(SAT) In DCS,PLC,ESD & SCADA,Fire & Gas System, Vibration Monitoring System, Foundation Field Bus System & Analyzer.
  • Field Instruments:
  • Pressure – Gauges, DP Gauges, Transmitters, Switches, Load cells
  • Flow – Transmitters, Switches, Orifice plates , Assemblies
  • Level – Gauges, Transmitters (Smart, RADAR, Ultrasonic)
  • Temperature – Gauges, Transmitters, Switches, RTD, Thermo couple, Thermo wells
  • Panels: System Cabinets, Marshalling Cabinets, Server Cabinets, Networking Cabinets, Fire & Gas, Shutdown Panel,
  • Valves: Control Valves, Shutdown Valves, MOV’S, On-Off Valve
  • Electrical Equipment’s/Items Handled:
  • Installation & testing of Electrical Equipment such as Transformers, MCC, PCC and UPS, DG Set, Instrument Transformers and various Electrical panels,  Cathodic protection system for offshore & onshore pipelines,  Lighting poles, DC Supply system,  Luminaires, Solar Power etc…
  • Rotating Machinery:
  • HT & LT Motors, Pumps, Gas Turbines, Compressors and Auxiliaries.
  • General: Cable Trays, Raceways, HT & LT Cables, Instrumentation cables, Air Line Piping Systems, Impulse Tubing.
  • Good Working Knowledge in International Codes & Standards IEEE, IEC, NEC, NEMA, ISA, API, UL, NETA, NACE, BS


  • A highly efficient, methodical and talented & has considerable experience of developing and implementing effective processes. Good grasping and analytical ability with positive attitude, self-motivation and result oriented working. Possessing a good understanding of the essentials related to safety and quality systems. Responsible in maintaining a safe work environment around.


  • Strong team leader, capable of leading a team. Motivate others to achieve the management requirements. Possess excellent interpersonal skills interact effectively with coworkers, management, client and customers. Adopts a systematic approach to solve problem and effectively analyses results and implement solutions soon. Delivered presentations and sharing information’s to section members, Supervisor’s and top management representatives within the business.

Holding M.Sc. degree in Physics & M.Tech in NDT


Over 36 years of experience at NDTL/BHEL, Tiruchirappalli in the field of NDE of Boilers , Pressure vessels , Heat Exchangers , Nuclear componentsetc. during manufacturing and in service inspection. Previously 3 years working as a Lecturer in Central board school.

Having rich practical experience on use of Conventional NDE methods as well as Advanced NDE methods.

Responsible for Development & Establishment of NDE techniques and Procedures in accordance with Customer Specifications.

Retiring as a Senior Manager and heading a group of 20 NDE experts catering to the needs of High pressure Boiler plant particularly Nuclear Steam Generators & Pressure vessels.

Instrumental for Introduction of several NDE Technologies like High Energy Radiography using Linear Accelerators, Ultrasonic Phased Array Technology, Micro focal Radiography of critical Nuclear Components, Low cost Automation in Conventional NDE during manufacturing.

Serving as a faculty member for M.Tech (NDT) course conducted by National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, India.

Also for Level I & II courses organized by Indian Society for Non-Destructive Testing ( ISNT ) , Indian Welding Society ( IWS ) , Welding Research Institute , Tiruchirappalli, India.

Guided several Graduate & Post Graduate students on NDE Projects towards Fulfillment of their Academic curriculums.

Assist for Training , Certification of NDT Personnel in BHEL.

Presently serving as the Joint Secretary Indian Society of Non-Destructive Testing ( ISNT ) , Tiruchirappalli.

BHEL Republic Day Award 2002.

BHEL Excellence Award in Quality.

Karthick (NDT Trainer)
  • BTECH in Aerospace Engineering
  • NDT level-II in PT, MT, RT, UT
  • Level II NDE Technician with Five years experience: thorough understanding of ASME section V, VIII, IX, and Division 1 inspections, examinations and testing. Well versed in radiographic film interpretation.
  • Witnessing NDT operations such as Radiographic Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Penetrant Testing, Magnetic particle testing, Hardness Testing, Positive Material Identification .Welding operations such as Welders Performance Test, Welding Procedure Testing and Heat treatment.
  • NDT training level I and II for PT,MT,RT and UT as per ASNT-TC-1A
Senthil kumar (Welding & Welder Trainer)
  • Total experience: 5.5 years (Welding engineer + Instructor)
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Visual inspection in root passes, visual inspection for surface discontinuities, support inspection, NDE of pipeline joints and line checking.
  • Welding procedure specification (WPS)
  • Procedure qualification record (PQR)
  • NDE Inspection (PT,UT,MT,RT )
  • Welder performance qualification
  • IBR – Welder Qualification