Third Party Inspection Services


Third Party Inspection Services aim at ensuring the supply of materials and equipments of the specified quality and required specifications,as per the client’s requirement.

Your organization wants to show responsibility by making sure that its facilities, equipment, products and services comply with quality, health & safety, environmental and social responsibility imperatives
We are able to carry out inspections of your facilities, equipment and products, and audits of your systems and processes against practically any referential, on a local or worldwide basis. In a number of cases, inspections and audits will ultimately enable us to grant a certification to your organisation.

ESL caters to the following industries for Third Party Inspection Services:

•Oil and gas, power generation and distribution
•Water treatment and distribution
•Chemicals and petrochemicals

Our inspection team consists of highly professional, multi-disciplinary Engineers, having wide exposure to current national and international standards/codes such as BIS, ASME, ANSI, BS, TEMA, API, DIN, JIS, NEMA, ISO, IEC, IEEE etc., besides being fully conversant with state of the art inspection techniques. Our Inspection Engineers are qualified by various recognized NDT bodies viz., ASNT-UT/MT/PT/RT/LT/ET/VT LEVEL-II , LEVEL-III and ISO-9000 lead Assessors.


•Raw material inspection at plate, pipe, forging, casting, fitting etc.,
•Sophisticated reactors, pressure vessels, columns, heat exchangers, reformers
•Clad columns, large capacity storage tanks, mounded tanks.
•Pressure equipments, equipments for combustible / explosive classifications.
•Instrument air/plant air systems, air drying plants.
•Refrigeration plants, ventilation and air conditioning systems, chiller packages.
•Line pipe manufacturing, pipe coating and piping appurtenances.
•Cross country pipelines.
•Rotating machinery such as reciprocating/centrifugal/axial flow compressors, reciprocating/ centrifugal pumps, steam turbines, gas turbines, dual fuel turbines, diesel/petrol/gas engines, turbo generating sets, diesel generating sets, low/medium/high voltage motors.
•P.C.C., M.C.C., P.M.C.C., DCS / PLC, SCADA system & other electric / electronic instruments and control systems.
•Specialized materials such as low temperature carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, clad steel, duplex stainless steel, monel, inconel, titanium, dissimilar metals, copper and its alloys, aluminium and its alloys, wear resistant materials, refractory materials, wear resistant corrosion resistant coatings, insulation materials, anti-fouling, marine, temperature resistant coatings and paints.

ESL expertise extends to all major Industrial Markets. Special focused markets include:

In Oil & Gas Industry:

ESL experience in the Oil and Gas Industries include Process Plants and Refineries, Chemical Plants, Offshore Structure, NGL, LPG and LNG Plants, Gas gathering, Storage and Distribution System as well as Oil and Gas Transmission Pipelines.

Our Services Overview:

•Design Appraisal and Verification
•Document Verification
•Electrical Equipment Verification / Inspection
•Electrical Installations, Inspection & Verification
•ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Inspection
•Factory Acceptance Test
•PED Inspection and Audits
•Evaluation of Second Hand (used) Machinery
•Welding Inspection

Inspection and expediting:

•Inspection is carried out in accordance to the rules and guidelines laid down by various Indian and international regulatory bodies such as: ISI, ASTM, ANSI, TEMA, ASME, API, DIN, EC, JIS, etc. Our state-of-the-art testing procedures and expertise of our highly qualified personnel allow detection of the defects at an early stage, thus saving time, energy and money.

ESL offers a wide range of services covering all aspects of inspection. Our services include:

•Vendor assessment and pre-qualification for project procurement
•Engineering design review
•Shop and site inspection involving stage and final inspection
•Witnessing performance tests
•Pre-shipment inspection
•Qualification of welding procedures and welders
•NDT personnel qualification
•Certification of materials and welding consumables
•Health assessment of the plant
•Piping and machinery
•Periodic inspection of lifting equipment
•Process piping and inspection during plant turnaround
•Assessment of corrosion and erosion of the plant

Vendor Inspections:

•ESL has a strong team of Vendor & QA/QC Inspectors experienced across a range of disciplines including all types of mechanical equipment as well as welding, coatings and all Engineering products. Our inspectors can be embedded within our clients project teams or used on an ad-hoc basis to carry out visual, witness and certification inspections in accordance with ESL and client procedures either at site, vendor or client premises. We are also able to provide dedicated inspectors for specific types of inspections requiring specialist knowledge.

ESL provides excellent Third Party Inspection Services on all kind of Welding Inspections and Testing like:

•Visual Examination (All stages)
•Preparing and Reviewing Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)
•Preparing and Reviewing Procedure Qualification Record (PQR)
•Welder/Welding Operator Performance Qualification (WPQ) & Certification
•Witnessing & Reviewing Destruction Testing (DT)
•Witnessing & Reviewing Non Destruction Testing (NDT)

Coating Inspections:

ESL provides third party on-site inspection services, corrosion surveys for quality assurance and failure analysis of coatings and metallic structures. Our experience includes all kind of Coating Processes for Industrial Structures, Equipment and pipelines from Installation (blasting) to Final stage (Final coat after curing).

Third Party Witnessing:

We offer all kinds of Witness Testing like,

•Pre inspection meetings.
•Pre fabrication Vendor document reviews.
•Fabrication and Welding Inspection.
•Dimensional Inspection.
•Visual welding Inspection.
•Final Inspection.
•Pressure test
•Bolt & Nut Torque Test
•Leak Test Etc
•Coating Inspection.
•MDR reviews.

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