Divisions objective is to assist & advice on all aspects of operations to our various clients with qualified, experienced and quality personnel & to meet the requirements through the knowledge and expertise we gained over the past few years. We can provide independent advice an appropriate operations and maintenance strategies and review accountability and authority levels, cost reporting procedures, budget development and control overall system and procedure by management control is expertise

 NDT Inspections

We help you ensure the reliability and safety of your products, equipment or plant assets with our world-class services in non-destructive testing (NDT), materials testing and welding quality.  Our services can support production processes, quality control, and regulatory compliance as well as new construction, pipelines,  plant maintenance and scheduled shutdown inspection. we provide a complete welding support service to help you with your welding requirements, comply with international and national codes and standards, and to enter new markets with our welder training and welder qualification.


  1. Ultrasonic Flaw Detection(UFD)
  2. Magnetic Particle Inspection(MPI)
  3. Penetrant Testing(PT)
  4. Radiography Testing(RT)
  5. Visual Inpectiion & Videoscopy/Boroscopy(VI)
  6. Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging/D Metering(UTG)
  7. Coating thickness & Thru-Coat thickness Measurement(CT)
  8. Leak Testing using by Helium, Hydrogen and nitrogen(LT)
  9. Eddy Current Testing(ECT)
  10. Eddy Current Metal Sorting Hardness Testing(HT)
  11. Residual Life Time Assessment (RLA) of Pressure Vessels, Boilers etc.
  12. Conditional Assessment (CA) of Pressure Vessels, Boilers, Rotor & Turbines
  13. Phased Array UT & TOFD (PAUT)
  14. Internal Rotational Inspection Systems (IRIS)
  15. Remote Field Electromagnetic Testing (RFET)
  16. Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)
  17. In-situ Oxide Scale Thickness Measurement (IOT)
  18. Nodularity Inspection by Ultrasonic Velocity Measurement
  19. Positive Material Identifications (PMI)
  20. Infra-Red Thermography Testing (IRT)
  21. Corrosion Monitoring & Corrosion Mapping Vibration Analysis (VA)
  22. Ultrasonic Concrete Testing-Pulse Velocity (UCT)
  23. In-situ Metallography Replica (IMR)
  24. Hardness Measurement (HRD)
  25. Welding Inspection

ESL provides excellent Third Party Inspection Services on all kind of Welding Inspections and Testing like

  • Visual Examination (All stages)
  • Preparing and Reviewing Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)
  • Preparing and Reviewing Procedure Qualification Record (PQR)
  • Welder/Welding Operator Performance Qualification (WPQ) & Certification
  • Witnessing & Reviewing Destruction Testing (DT)
  • Witnessing & Reviewing Non Destruction Testing (NDT)

Coating Inspections

ESL provides third party on-site inspection services, corrosion surveys for quality assurance and failure analysis of coatings and metallic structures. Our experience includes all kind of Coating Processes for Industrial Structures, Equipment and pipelines from Installation (blasting) to Final stage (Final coat after curing).

Third Party Witnessing

We offer all kinds of Witness Testing like,

  • Pre inspection meetings.
  • Pre fabrication Vendor document reviews.
  • Fabrication and Welding Inspection.
  • Dimensional Inspection.
  • Visual welding Inspection.
  • Final Inspection.
  • Pressure test
  • Bolt & Nut Torque Test
  • Leak Test Etc
  • Coating Inspection.
  • MDR reviews.

Vendor Inspections

ESL has a strong team of Vendor & QA/QC Inspectors experienced across a range of disciplines including all types of mechanical equipment as well as welding, coatings and all Engineering products.  Our inspectors can be embedded within our clients project teams or used on an ad-hoc basis to carry out visual, witness and certification inspections in accordance with ESL and client procedures either at site, vendor or client premises. We are also able to provide dedicated inspectors for specific types of inspections requiring specialist knowledge.




Technical Consultancy for Industries(Technical Training, Certification Courses and Projects guidance in QA/QC/WELDING/PAINTING)

  • Welding inspection technology.
  • Piping inspection technology.
  • Welder training
  • NDT training and certifications
  • ASME and API code knowledge
  • Welding Procedure Specification as per ASME SEC IX
  • Welder Performance Qualification as per ASME SEC IX
  • NDT,QC procedure making and updation as per codes and standards.
  • Failure analysis
  • NDT and inspection for PT,MT,UT
  • QA/QC consultant services
  • ISO Consultant services
  • Class on QA/QC
  • API-510,570 preparatory
  • CSWIP 3.1,3.2,3.2.2 welding inspector, senior welding inspector preparatory classes
  • BGAS Painting inspector preparatory classes
  • NDT Manpower