Vision of ESL :

  • To be a leader in Industrial support services, committed to long term sustainability.

Mission of ESL :

  • To support ESL by providing optimal services and maximizing value.
  • We will harness best available technology, operational excellence and service providing  services for inspection including third party inspection,engineering consultancy,training for ndt, welding, painting, project, plant,  sales, technical manpower assistance /conducting remaining assessment study, failure analysis study /fabrication of pressure parts & non-pressure parts .
  • We will be extremely service focused – predicting and fulfilling customer needs and expectations.
  • Environment sustainability will be the foundation of our business and will drive our thinking and actions at every time.
  • Our services will enable long term economic benefit to our customers.
  • Our activities shall be of benefit for both our clients, collaboration partners, employees and shareholders

Values-driven :

  • Quality: We do not compromise – we have a passion for the best quality
  • Innovation: We are innovative and wish to enthuse our clients
  • Ambition: We set high objectives and push to achieve the best results
  • Honesty: We are honest towards our clients, also when it may be unpleasant
  • Integrity: We keep our word, guard confidentiality, and maintain a high level of integrity

Code of Ethics :

  •  We believe in god
  • We follow clean and healthy habits
  •  We operate lawfully
  •  We avoid conflicts of interest
  •  We do not tolerate corruption in any form
  •  We play fair game
  •  We handle information and manage assets carefully
  •  We observe quality, occupational health and safety standards
  •  We do not tolerate discrimination
  • We follow what we said