Our Radiographic Testing Products

RT Projector

indexProduct description:

  • Sentinel Model 880 Delta, 880 Elite and 880 Omega Source projectors are portable lightweight and compact industrial radiographic exposure devices,
  • The Patented device body consists of a titanium ‘S’ tube and cast depleted uranium (DU) shield contained within 300 series stainless steel tube with stainless steel discs welded at each and forming a cylinder shaped housing
  • The discs are recessed to provide protection for the rear mounted locking mechanism and front mounted outlet port

Processing SS tanks


 Product description:

  • All tanks are made of Ss316 Corrosion resistant Stainless Steel sheet of thickness 1.0mm {19 SWG} and
  • Joints made by TIG welding process Customization available upon request Individual tanks are available in following capacities

Portable Radiography X ray machine



Product description:

  • Hi- Rad portable gas insulated x ray equipment are economical yet versatile in technical features.
  • They work on medium frequencies which help in making the x ray tube head small in size and light in weight for easy portability.
  • Hi-Rad x-ray machines have several features that are available in high priced normal radiography equipment.
  • The control panel is microprocessor based with built in memory for automatic preheating
  • They are designed of operates both at 230 Volts mains as well as with Diesel generators for site radiography.


Auto processor Tank


Product description:

  • Meet the powerful innovations for producing high-quality NDT Radiographs.
  • Choose the high – volume output and save design and mid-volume output also meet the needs of high-volume NDT radiographic customers.
  • A wide range of processing cycles provides development times from 31 to 170 seconds

Industrial film Viewer


Product description:

  • Luminux High intensity Illuminator are available in several models for viewing radiographic films
  • All film viewer are capable of viewing films of minimum density 4.0


 Portable and mini film viewer

RT-LC-FV-2009Plus-244_5Product description:

  • This model is portable and can be carried in a briefcase viewing area is 50x200mm for portable film viewer and
  • 50x160mm for mini film viewer and both where fitted with Cold light along with foot switch and can view films having density up to 3.8.
  • The light intensity can be varied in steps depending on the density of the film.
  • Most suitable the inspectors, surveyors…


 Hole type penetrameters

holeProduct description:

  • Available as per ASTM E-1025/ E-142
  • Designation: 5,7,10,12,15,17,20,25,30,35,40,50, 60,80,100,120,160,200

 X-Rite Densitometer

densitometer-xfd-9-250x250Product description:

  • Provides highly repeatable and accurate measurements of black and white film densities.
  • Large LED numerals can be read easily in bright or dim light.
  • product features: Measuring range: 0.5 0D with 2and 3mm apertures: 0-4.0D With 1mm aperture Rs232 output (optional)


collimatorProduct description:

  • We manufacture and supply Directional / Panoramic type of collimators in either Lead or Tungsten for different types of projectors.
  • Directional: Dia 60mm / 50mm
  • Panoramic: Dia 60mm / 50mm

 Image Quality Indicator (IQI) wire type


Product description:

  • Available in wire length: 50 mm 25mm 10mm (2”,1”,3/8”) material: Standard stainless steel (for all steels), Aluminium, Copper (Nickel, Inconel, Titanium available upon Request)
  • A} WIRE TYPE 1QI’S AS PER EN – 462 – 11 FE EN, 6FE EN, 10 FE EN, 13FE EN
  • B} WIRE TYPE 1QI’S AS PER EN – 747 Set A, Set B, Set C, Set, D
  • D} WIRE TYPE 1QI’S AS PER IS – 3657      FE-1, FE-2, FE-3, FE-4, FE-5

Cranking Unit


Product description:

  • Available in various specifications, the offered product is highly appreciated in the market for its unmatched quality.
  • Our offered product is not only manufactured using advanced technology but also verified on various quality parameters to ensure its flawlessness.

 Guide tube and extension tube

imagesProduct description:

  • Source Guide Tube – 2 Meters long
  • Extension Tube – 2 Meters long

 Personal protection items

personalProduct description:

  • Advisable TO wear in high radiation area or in compact and closed work areas.
  • Lead Lined gloves
  • Lead Lined gonad shield
  • Lead Lined glass goggles
  • Lead Lined apron (coat type)


Magnetic Clamps


 Product description:

  • We supply magnets to hold film and guide tube while radiography.
  • We can supply magnets in the Assembled and Full Magnets.
  • They can be in U Shape and Round Shape of various Sizes.


Lead pots


Product description:

  • Lead container used for storing the radioactive source pencil / pig tall.
  • Made as per Special design recommended by BARC

 Lead identification markers

bProduct description:

  • Back Scatter Letter ‘B’.
  • Lead Letters for identification

Lead identification markers


 Product description:

  • Lead Leters: A-Z Lead Numbers: 0-9 Size available le: 5mm, 7mm, 10mm 12mm, 19mm (3/16”, ¼”,3/8”½” ¾”)

PVC Cassettes


 Product description:

  • Made of flexible PVC Sheet of thickness 0.25mm.
  • Double Envelop type cassettes (Inner/ Outer) Folding type cassettes (provided with Velcro seal)

Lead identification markers


Product description:

  • Measuring tape with lead markers at predetermined spacing.
  • Lead marker tape is fixed adjacent to the weld while carrying out radiography.
  • The image of lead numbers tape with numbers spaced at 5cm or 10cm (1””,2, 2”) is printed as radiographic image.
  • This helps in easy location of defects

Remote Handling CEE VEE tongue

cee veeProduct description:

  • Made of stainless steel for picking up unshielded radioactive source pencil / source holder
  • Length 1.0 mtr
  • Length 1.5 mtr
  • Length 2.0 mtr

Lead Intensifying Screens


Product description:

  • Finest quality Lead screens duly lacquered for longer life.
  • Flexible with plastic sheet, backing – for longer life pairs of front and back screens.
  • Thickness of Front / back Screen Size: 0.125mm (o.005”), 0.25mm (0.010”)
  • Available Sizes in cm: 30×40,15×40, 10×40, 7.5×40, 10×20, 7.5×20
  • Available sizes in Inches: 14”x17”, 12”x15”, 6”x15”, 4”x15”, 3”x15”, 4”x71/2”, 4”x5”
  • Screens in Roll from Available thickness: 0.1mm, 0.125mm (0.004”, 0.005”)
  • size: 70mmx30mtrs., 100mmx30mtrs.


Hangers (Channel Type)

sfgstProduct description:

  • STYLE: SINGLE, 2 IN 1, 3 IN 1, 4 IN 1
  • SIZE: (cm): 35×43, 30×40, 15×40, 10×40, 7.5×40, 10×20, 7.5×20, 10×12, 7.5×12 
  • SIZE: (Inches): 14×17, 12×15, 6×15, 4×15, 3×15, 4×7.5, 3×7.5,4.5×17, 3.5×17, 4×5, 3×5


Hangers (Clip type)& Clip


 Product description:

  • SIZE: (cm): 35×43, 30×40, 15×40, 10×40, 7.5×40,10×20, 7.5×20, 10×12, 7.5×12,
  • SIZE: (Inches): 14×17, 12×15, 6×15, 4×15, 3×15, 4×7.5, 3×7.5,4.5×17, 3.5×17, 4×5, 3×5

 Survey meter (Analog)

survwey analog

 Product description:

  • Operation range : ( 0-5mR, 0-50mR, 0-500mR, 0-5R )
  • Display : Analog

 Dosimeter charger for Quartz Pocket Dosiometer


Survey Meter (Digital)

digitalProduct description:

  • Digirad Digital Radiation Survey Meter
  • Range : 0-1999.9mR
  • Display : Digital

Lead Shots


 Product description:

  • To cover unprotected radioactive source to reduce scattered radiation during accidents.
  • Size available (2mm to4mm mix.): Bags of 1kg. 5kgs. or as per order

Betting Materials

bettProduct description:

  • Constructed by bonding a sheet of neoprene rubber between two high grade duct cloths secured together with dual chain stitch to give a rugged light-proof cassette.
  • Proven reliability over many years Available Sizes: 2.75”, 3.5”, 4.5”, 5”, 7”


 Radiation Warning Lamp


Product description:

  • This Alarm lamp is battery-operated, small in size and is manufactured from light and durable ABS plastic.
  • It can be operated for 8 hours with one charge.

Features :

  • Lengthening battery life with flickering alarm lamp Visible at a 2km distance at night
  • Rechargeable battery Low battery indication
  • Easy to use


Lead Letter Box


 Dark Room Temperature Gauge



 Warning Barricades\Flags \boards \Stickers