ESL INDUSTRIAL SUPPORT SERVICES have developed NDT Flaw Specimen for over 2 years now in a wide variety of specimen sizes, geometries and alloy types. Our specimens are exported worldwide for training, examination and operator/technique validations in all NDT methods.NDT Flaw specimens

ESL’s NDT flaw specimen contain both surface breaking and internal flaws that very closely mimic a real flaw, which can be accurately positioned and sized with the designated NDT technique. Each specimen is supplied with a detailed flaw map showing type, size, and position and populous of all indications. For examination purposes two independent reports can be supplied in line with PCN examination requirements.

NDT Flaw Specimen


NDT Flaw Specimen The NDT Flaw Specimen that ESL creates for the global NDE industry are specifically designed with precise flaw placement in a wide variety of specimen geometries and alloy types. ESL specimens are used in various industries to facilitate the education, practice and procedure development of equipment and NDE technicians. ESL INDUSTRIAL SUPPORT SERVICES is a manufacturer of high quality flawed weld specimens for the global NDE and pressure equipment construction and maintenance industries. Our NDT flawed specimens are used for NDE training, personnel qualification, procedure qualification and procedure demonstration in accordance with ASME, API, CSA and other codes, specifications and standards.

High quality flaws are achieved by a combination of first class workmanship, a unique blend of welding and non-destructive testing skills, plus a full understanding of the product. Flawed specimens contain purposely induced real flaws which are accurately sized and located. Each specimen is supplied with documentation detailing flaw types, sizes and location. Our policy of setting new standards and developing new techniques to improve quality and reliability, assures the highest quality of flaws.

We have specifically developed our business processes to enable us to satisfy the quality requirements and time constraints faced by our clients. Our primary focus is on exceptional flawed specimen quality, flaw sizing accuracy and timely delivery.

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